15 April 2014

Back to School Drive

There are around 520 students on all the schools located on the four (4) islets HIP is supporting.  This coming school year, we are hoping to give them a complete set of school supplies.  Estimated cost per student is at 500Php (roughly 10Euros).  We would like to ask for your support (again) in this drive.

In addition to the school supplies for the kids, we will also try to cover the teaching materials needed in the schools.  On Moamboc, we have the Elementary School (Kindergarten to Grade 6) and a Day Care Center.  On the other three (3) islets, we have Day Care Centers on each of them.

The savings from the school supplies will be a big help to the families living on the islets especially to the families having 3-6 children.  They can use this money to buy additional repair materials for their houses. 

If you wish to donate in kind, just request for the list of needed materials from us.


02 April 2014

Additional Phases of HIP

Here's the revised Phases of HIP:
red - done/ green - ongoing/ blue - planned

With two (2) new phases:
  • Phase 3 - completion of the teaching and learning materials for the opening of the school year 2014-2015
  • Phase 4 - establishment of water catchment systems in Silagon and Panitugan Islets
Your donations are still welcome.  Please contact us for more details.