Who We Are

We are a group of colleagues and friends trying to pool resources in order to help even in a little way some communities badly devastated by Typhoon Yolanda.

Kareen Kakay Oloroso is the founder and dreamer of HIP.  Her heart has always been with the challenged communities - up the mountains, by the seas, and remote islets even in the urban areas. Email her to know more about these communities and how you can possibly help.

(Joana) Shane Fischer is a German Geographer with roots in the Philippines.  Alongside her internship with an international organization operating in Manila, she is finishing her Master Studies in the field of Geographical Development Research at the University of Bonn. You can contact her here.

Birthe Meyer is a German traveller, people’s friend and Young Professional in Development Cooperation, based in the Philippines.  She is supporting HIP together with family and friends in Germany and fully believes in the impact the initiative has. Email her.

The HIP Volunteers
Phase 1 Volunteers
Standing L-R: Sam,Marky, Marcel, Kevin, Dominik, Fe, Yuji, Kakay, Fabian, Rike, Laura, Shane, Ralph, Bennet, Erik
Sitting L-R: Joy and Paul

Phase 2 Volunteers
Kakay with (L-R) Alec, Bennet and Maik
Phase 2 Volunteers 21-25 February 2014
Jan, Birthe, and Brent

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