20 January 2014

What's HIP doing now?

We have committed the remaining donations to the repairs and (re)construction of the Moamboc Elementary School and Panitugan Day Care Center.

The Moamboc Elementary school was badly damaged. One of the walls of the 3-classroom school building fell and the roofs were all gone due to Typhoon Yolanda. In Panitugan Islet, the Day Care Center was totally destroyed.

The Day Care Center in Biagayag Islet was supposed to be part of our target but we have received a good news last weekend that Muslim Aid started work on it.

A group of volunteers are heading to Bantayan this coming weekend (25-26.January) to assess and validate the damages.  We hope to start with the repairs and (re)construction by next week.

HIP still welcomes donations as well as volunteers.  Another scheduled visit to the area will be on 1-2.February.

Contact us for more information!


  1. We just came back from Biagayag (feb-4) where we delivered some rice and supplies as a private initiative. The Islamic relief tents are there. The daycare center and a public C.R. is already built. That is unfortunately the only thing that has happened. They still do not have resources to repair houses, restore Gosu-farms and other essentials. Also they stopped getting rice in the end of December.

  2. Thanks for the update!

    What I know with the repair materials for the houses is that the Islamic Relief/ Muslim Aid will be providing them with the roofing materials and the barangay's counterpart will be the wood needed for the rebuilding.

    And with the Guso-farms, what I know on some other islets is that there is loan the trader offers them to at least get back on track.