From the Volunteers

The volunteers can give you a better impression about their experience working with the community.  Here are some of them:

On his way to Panitugan Islet

Roark Brewster spent eight days on Panitugan Islet to help build the Day Care Center.  

Read his story on Giving Back.

Christina Droll learned about HIP through the Barth Brothers - Maik and Alec. She volunteered in Moamboc for a week and sent us a love letter through a little video she put together.

Please click on the link:

Kuya Bennet with the Silagon Kids

Bennet Barth is one of the volunteers who stayed for two weeks.  He and his brothers - Maik and Alec - helped in realizing the repairs of Silagon Daycare Center.

Read about his experience on the islet here: 

Guitar and Ukulele lessons with Kuya Paul

Paul Jester Guillena is the camp "jukebox". Check his original composition "Give Love" that was inspired by his experience in Silagon.

You are an inspiration to the kids, Kuya Paul!

Marky by Erik

Marky Go was one of the first volunteers to sign-up for the HIP Christmas.  

Check his blog entry on how his Christmas 2013 went on Nomadic Experiences.

Daghang salamat, Marky!

Erik with the Silagon kids

Erik Tuchtfeld volunteered for the first phase of the HIP project.

He wrote an entry on his blog about the activity:

Madamo nga salamat Erik!

Pila imo edad?

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  1. Moamboc is so nice!Great to see it with this new school!