1. What is HIP?
  • HIP stands for Helping Islets in the Philippines
  • It is a private initiative that started after the devastation of Typhoon Yolanda.  The initial idea was to bring Christmas back to a Yolanda-affected community by sponsoring the Christmas Dinner.
  • HIP is not a registered group or organization  

2. Where are the project sites of HIP?
  • HIP focuses on areas that get very less attention or help like the first project sites - the islets of Silagon, Moamboc, Panitugan and Biagayag of Barangay Sulangan, Municipality of Bantayan.
  • Next areas are still to be identified.  At the moment, all efforts are focused not on these four islets.

3. Where does HIP money come from?
  • All donations come from private individuals (friends, family, acquaintances, and even strangers). 100% of the cash donations goes to the community.
  • Overhead costs is covered from the contribution of individuals from the T-Shirt and the bags sales.

4. How can I donate to HIP?
  • You can donate through a German account (if you are from the EU) and/or to a Filipino account.  The account details can be requested from us through Email.

5. How can I volunteer?
  • Volunteers are very much welcome especially when there are scheduled visit and activities on the islets.  Just write us an Email stating your interest in volunteering for HIP, how long you plan to volunteer, what you can offer.  We can then schedule a meeting to answer your questions and clarifications.

6. How much do I pay to volunteer?
  • There is no fee to volunteer however you have to cover all your expenses (transport, food, insurance, and etc.).  
  • There are some sort of home stays available and if you stay with a family, I suggest that you give 150-200Php per day for your food and water.

7. Where do I stay on the islets if I volunteer?
  • There are different accommodation options on the different islets.  We have a host family in Moamboc Islet.  In Silagon, the Day Care Center that we have repaired is available for use.  In Panitugan, camping is the option or also in the Day Care Center that we are repairing.  The Barangay Hall on the main island can also be used as base camp.

For any additional questions and queries, feel free to contact us.