25 January 2014

Available Funds and Cooperation

We have now a total of 402,486.00Php or 7,189.73Eur collected donations.  Of which, 218,911.27Php is still available for use in the project.

In addition, ParSma e.V. committed 1,630.00Eur (around 100,000.00Php) to be used for the repairs of the Moamboc Elementary School.  HIP will be the implementing partner of ParSma e.V. for this endeavor.

I am going to Bantayan Town tomorrow to meet with the Barangay (village) and islet representatives and local volunteers to start the repairs.

Joining me are two representatives of another group - APES - committing their collected donations amounting to 17,000.00Php for the rebuilding of the Day Care Center in Panitugan Islet.  APES also donated goods which will be distributed to the community as soon as possible.

Raising awareness on the situation of the islets is one of the main commitment of HIP and we are glad to have these cooperation with other groups.

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