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Happy about this huge interest in supporting the Philippines with donations from family and friends, we sat together and made up our minds on how we could use the upcoming and received donations in the most effective way. We decided to focus on community level.  As all eyes were on Leyte, we thought about looking for other typhoon-struck areas, which get little or no attention at all. 

The Bantayan Island group in the north part of Cebu Province was also severely hit by the typhoon.  With the limited relief reaching the area, some of the islets are somehow left with very less, we have decided to focus on the islets that belong to Barangay Sulangan, Bantayan.  These are the islets of Silagon, Moamboc, Panitugan and Biagayag.

With the success of the first and second Phases of the project (check HIP Christmas 2013), we have caught the attention of additional individuals and some groups in addition to our current donors.

We still have 3 more islets, as targeted by this project, to support.  

The priorities now are the following:
  • Rebuilding of the Day Care Center of Panitugan Islet; and
  • Repair of the Elementary School in Moamboc Islet.
The Barangay Captain and some of the community members are working on getting the estimates for the cost of the above listed priorities.  We are hoping to get these estimates within 13-19.January.

On 25-26.January, a small group of volunteers will visit the islets for validation and also to kick-start the repair/rebuilding.

We still have money left from last year with the additional donations from this year, (see Available Donations) which we can still use.

Why support this effort?
  • We focus on a few communities in order to achieve the greatest positive impact with the limited resources we have.
  • 100% of your donations will find their way to the communities. The volunteers are self-sufficient and cover all travel expenses by themselves.
  • We support the local economy by trying to buy everything as much as possible at local markets.

Help us help the islets! Here's how!

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