26 February 2014

Repairs and Rebuilding

We have at least 3 local carpenters volunteering and the parents of the Day Care kids are helping in the work in Panitugan.

To see the first photos of Panitugan Day Care Center, please click here.  And here is the Panitugan Day Care Center now.  

And here is Moamboc Elementary School.  Roofs for the office, library and clinic have been installed.  Broken walls were repaired.  See the before photo here.
The barangay and school counterpart is the payment for the carpenter.  We also have a carpenter from Germany volunteering for HIP in Moamboc for 2 weeks.  

And of course, the parents are helping in the repairs as well.  Ms. Flor Gimenes, a teacher, is helping us in the coordination.

In some more weeks, these buildings will be ready for use and classes will be back to normal.

This development will make 45 kindergarten kids and around 350 grade school kids very happy!!!

Salamat sa suporta!!!
Thanks for the support!!!

13 February 2014

Voice of the Youth

HIP was presented in the radio show Voice of the Youth in DZIQ 990AM.

We were part of their 26th episode aired last 8.February 2014.

Shane and I were there to talk about HIP, how things started, our on-going activities, and on how to volunteer.

It was the first time for HIP to be on radio and it was a great experience for both Shane and I.

After the interview, we had a chance to talk more about HIP with other guests.  And most of them are pretty interested with the project.  We might even have them volunteering in the next activities. 

We will post the link to the interview as soon as we have it.

02 February 2014

We want books!

The islets that we are supporting are quite remote - not because of the distance to the main island but of accessibility.  The students take paddle boats or hitches a ride with their parents when it's high tide.  If it is low tide, they walk the whole distance from their islet to the main island.  That leaves them very little time to access the library and discourages them in bringing books back to the islets as they can get wet or be lost while crossing the sea.

We want to establish mini-libraries in the islets to give the kids, young people (basically everyone on the islets) access to books.

With your help, we can make this happen.  For the students, they need reference materials like dictionaries, encyclopedia, and the like.  Short stories, novels, and storybooks are also very welcome.

It is important that the books are in good condition so that they can be enjoyed by more readers.

You can contact us for more information.