17 July 2014

Under the same sun

Sun Help International e.V. has installed two (2) PV Systems on the islets.  The main objective is to give the  kids a chance to work on their school work in a well lighted library --- even during the night! 
There is now light in the library!

This collaboration and cooperation is another success and a good example that even the islets are about more than 10,000 kilometers away from Germany people find ways to support.

I want to thank the Barth Brothers for linking the islets to Sun Help!  The Barths have done a lot to help Yolanda affected communities in the Philippines.  Daghang salamat for the continuing support!

And to Sun Help International e.V., daghan kaayong salamat for bringing light!  Thanks for contributing to the brighter future of these kids and youth on the islets!  I'm looking forward to more cooperation and collaboration with you in the near future!